librsync  2.3.4
src Directory Reference


file  base64.c [code]
file  buf.c [code]
file  buf.h [code]
 Buffers that map between stdio file streams and librsync streams.
file  checksum.c [code]
file  checksum.h [code]
 Abstract wrappers around different weaksum and strongsum implementations.
file  command.c [code]
file  command.h [code]
 Types of commands present in the encoding stream.
file  config.h [code]
file  delta.c [code]
 Generate in streaming mode an rsync delta given a set of signatures, and a new file.
file  emit.c [code]
file  emit.h [code]
 encoding output routines.
file  fileutil.c [code]
file  hashtable.c [code]
file  hashtable.h [code]
 A generic open addressing hashtable.
file  hex.c [code]
file  isprefix.c [code]
file  isprefix.h [code]
 String prefix text function.
file  job.c [code]
file  job.h [code]
 Generic state-machine interface.
file  librsync.h [code]
 Public header for librsync.
file  librsync_export.h [code]
file  mdfour.c [code]
file  mdfour.h [code]
 MD4 message digest algorithm.
file  mksum.c [code]
 Generate file signatures.
file  msg.c [code]
 error messages for re_result values.
file  netint.c [code]
file  netint.h [code]
 Network-byte-order output to the tube.
file  patch.c [code]
 Apply a delta to an old file to generate a new file.
file  prototab.c [code]
file  prototab.h [code]
 Delta file commands.
file  rabinkarp.c [code]
file  rabinkarp.h [code]
 The rabinkarp class implementation of the RabinKarp rollsum.
file  rdiff.c [code]
 Command-line network-delta tool.
file  readsums.c [code]
 Load signatures from a file.
file  rollsum.c [code]
file  rollsum.h [code]
 The Rollsum class implementation of the original rsync rollsum.
file  scoop.c [code]
 This file deals with readahead from caller-supplied buffers.
file  scoop.h [code]
 Manage librsync streams of IO.
file  stats.c [code]
 stats reporting functions.
file  sumset.c [code]
file  sumset.h [code]
 The rs_signature class implementation of a file signature.
file  trace.c [code]
file  trace.h [code]
 logging functions.
file  tube.c [code]
 A somewhat elastic but fairly small buffer for data passing through a stream.
file  util.c [code]
file  util.h [code]
 Misc utility functions used by librsync.
file  version.c [code]
file  whole.c [code]
file  whole.h [code]
 Whole-file API driver functions.