librsync  2.3.4
Data Structures
mdfour.h File Reference

MD4 message digest algorithm. More...

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Data Structures

struct  rs_mdfour
 The rs_mdfour state type. More...

Detailed Description

MD4 message digest algorithm.

Perhaps use the MD4 routine from OpenSSL if it's installed. It's probably not worth the trouble.

This was originally written by Andrew Tridgell for use in Samba. It was then modified by;

2002-06-xx: Robert Weber rober.nosp@m.t.we.nosp@m.ber@C.nosp@m.olor.nosp@m.ado.e.nosp@m.du optimisations and fixed >512M support.

2002-06-27: Donovan Baarda further optimisations and cleanups.

2004-09-09: Simon Law handle little-endian machines that can't do unaligned access (e.g. ia64, pa-risc).

Definition in file mdfour.h.